Question Is my Lenovo laptop dead?

May 11, 2019
I have an old Lenovo B50-70 i5. About 2 days ago when I went to turn the laptop on I got a message along the lines of "the checksum does not match, BIOS potentially corrupted" I'm paraphrasing because I can't remember the exact message.
Since then I havent gotten the laptop to start, even when I spam F8 I can't get the BIOS to show up. I don't get any logos or any picture on the laptop screen.
When I press power the power switch light comes on. The fan spins. But then after about 2 minutes of no picture the laptop shuts down.

Its an old laptop and I've no idea what I would have done to cause this but I woulen't be surprised if its dead.

I havent installed any new software or hardware in the run up to this.

Its windows 7 64 bit if that helps.

"The checksum does not match, BIOS potentially corrupted" typically is something corrupt in the OS Boot i.e Drivers normally and could be resolved by running a recovery from USB or DVD. You would need to change the boot order which is Fn + F12 . To access the BIOS it's actually Fn + F2

Make a bootable OS on a USB drive then change your Boot Order to reflect that and see if you have better luck? Devices with Windows 7 I just pick a Linux Distro since they give you all the basics you need, are safer, faster and supported for quite a few years.