Is my LG ultrawide monitor defective?


Dec 29, 2012
I recently acquired an LG ultrawide monitor. "Model 29UM65-P." I used it for a couple of days thinking that there was a fingerprint on my monitor, I decided to clean it off, only to realize that it wasn't a fingerprint or a smudge at all. it only shows up on dark backgrounds, or it shows up, just no very noticeably. It pretty much looks like a finger print, about the size of a small pinkie tip, it looks to me where the monitor might have a coating, beneath the surface, that area does not, but i don't know as I am only 14, and not a monitor guru. Here's some of the pictures i have, this is on the windows desktop, with a blank black background.,LlMfRx0
(white circle to the bottom left is my mouse, the problem is more directly to the middle towards the top.
Sorry for bad quality, as I took it on an iPhone 4
P.S sorry for bad writing, I am in a hurry, as I don't know how long the warranty is.
if the unit was shipped new by a shipper it may be a flex defect. the screen may have been dropped or bent and it failed at that spot. if it a ebay buy the screen itself may have been handle wrong and your seeing a broken part of the screen and the old user finger print. when lcd/led screen break or are bent wrong you see a defect in the fluid that is used inside the screen.

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