I have a rig thats roughy 4 years old. I have a total of 2GB Corsair XMS PC3200 in it and my Fiance uses it now that I built my newest one. That machine still flys and the memory has been very faithful.

But recently in Windows XP it will pop up about 4-5 errors in a row stating either it could not be read or written. First it was when I tried to install anti-spyware programs such as Spybot or Spyware Doctor. It would pop up a memory error and colse the install app. But for Nero or Alcohol 120 it didn't.

It just started to happen out of nowhere after I cleared the main 10GB C drive(I keep my Windows drive and files/game drive seperate as that results in less need reinstall everything for a virus/reinstall of Windows) and installed XP with no problems at all. Then she started to get this pop up from Windows when it went from the screen saver to the login screen it would pop up a few errors and now its just random while in Windows.

I ran 2 different memory testers with very different results. First I ran Windows memory tester and got no errors for 1 hour of straight testing(roughly 10 passes). Then to check I ran some extended tests over night and until I got home. So from 8PM untill 3PM the next day. It got 2 errors but only on the first 2 passes. After that it gnever got them again.

So kinda being the thourogh way I am, I ran Memtest86. It found errors right away. Barely got through the begining phase and bam errors. Either that or the one I had on a CD is bad. Ran it twice with the same results.

So now I am just woundering if I should try replacing the RAM(since its old DDR I wounder if Corsair will have any to replace it with) or could it be something else such as the mobo(I doubt that and hope not as I can't seem to find any and would reset my RAID0 on my 2 SATA drives...).
That was my thoughts exactally. I can do anything on the PC just errors come up a lot. So I guess I will contact Corsai as that RAM does have a lifetime warranty and see about getting it replaced. Maybe I will get the better 2-2-2-5 they had a few years back so it will speed the PC up more since mine is higher latency.