Is my memory upgradable for something faster, or am I stuck?


May 20, 2010
I have this PC right here.

It says there that the max FSB is 1333 MHz. Would this RAM here ( work at it's full speed of 1866 or would it be slowed down or not even work at all? I'm just curious. Wouldn't want to waste $70 on new memory that wouldn't even be much of an upgrade! Thanks!

Also, if you know anything about CPU's (I know this is the memory section) It says the max Thermal Draw Power is 95W, does that mean that I can't use a processor using more power than that? So, If I want to upgrade to an 1100t black edition (125-145w), it wouldn't work? Is this limited by the factory power supply? I recently upgraded the GPU and PSU with a 560 Ti and Corsair GS700 700 watt PSU. Thanks for your time!
Memory is advertised at the maximum speed it is guaranteed to work at, not the speed it actually runs at when you install it. The actual speed is set by the processor/motherboard combination. To get memory to run faster than what the motherboard sets it at, you have to overclock it, which that option will not be allowed in your OEM system BIOS, and the processor does not support that memory speed either. In this case, buying faster memory you are wasting money on something that will make no noticeable difference in performance on this particular system, none at all.

About the CPU upgrade, the HP web site says this PC has support only for the 10xx series processors. The BIOS most likely wont recognize the 1100t, so you may have to do some digging and see if there is a BIOS update for your PC that will allow it to support the new processor before buy it.

Should have put together your own system instead of buying an HP if you thought you were going to upgrading, prebuilds just are not put together with upgrades in mind, they want you to buy a new PC instead of upgrading.