[SOLVED] Is my monitor defective? (ghosting/smearing problem)


Dec 2, 2015


I bought this new monitor for work and some casual gaming and sometimes movies but it has a lot of ghosting/smearing when the picture is moving specially in darker scenes. it's a viewsonic vg2439smh va monitor it has very positive reviews on amazon nobody mentioned any ghosting problem and it has 5ms response time, the same as my brother's benq monitor which is va too but it doesn't have any problem like this. I tried all settings including response time (I think it's actually overdrive) but even choosing "ultra fast" option doesn't change it and dark object become ghosty and drag all over the screen.

I also tried different ports (hdmi, display port, vga) and cables I tried it with pc, laptop and ps4 all have the same problem only ps4 has a little less ghosting. I don't know what to do it's so annoying my eyes hurt.

I had heard VA panels and cheap ips ones have a little bit of ghosting like my previous low end lg ips monitor and my bro's va benq they are both fine, but holy sh*t this monitor isn't even tolerable it smears like crazy it's like torture to me.

I didn't buy it from amazon as amazon isn't available here, I bought it from a local website that is active only in my country and they don't accept refund for products that aren't defective none of them do, the return process is hard and time consuming and they might damage the monitor in the process, if they think it isn't defective they will return it back to me.
I only have 24 hours left until the product's return deadline ends and I have to find out if it's really faulty or not so please if my monitor is faulty tell me, I'm confused af should I return it?
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