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Question Is my monitor's DP connector broken?

Aug 27, 2019
Monitor is Asus MG248, 1080p 144hz.

I used to have rare occasions where my monitor would suddenly stop working and show "DisplayPort no signal".

I usually tried basic stuff like replugging the cable, leaving everything unplugged for a few mins, tried interchanging the cable ends and after 20+ power ons/offs, the monitor would suddenly work, with no actual explanation to why it stopped working and why it suddenly works normal again.

But last week the issue appeared again and this time it would completely refuse to work, regardless of the used solutions.

Luckily, I still have my old DVI cable in my house so I tried using the DVI cable and it worked flawlessly, no issues whatsoever. After I realized it's all cable-related, I tried out of curiosity to replug the DP back in - there used to be a time in the past where I used the DVI cable instead of DP and after seeing it works on DVI, DP would mysteriously start working again - but this time it didn't at all.

Currently I'm still using DVI. I jumped to the conclusion that the DP cable is probably dead or has a severed segment inside it that cuts off the circuit or something. To be honest, the cable was standing kinda tense and bent on it's way in the monitor and I would more often than not keep changing display height and angles a lot, especially while I was still doing cable management with my new pc parts (monitor has a gap in it's legs where I run all my cables through to keep them tidy).

Also, I'm not the first user of this specific DP cable. I have it from a friend who worked at PC requirements and told me this cable has been used and overused in over 100 pc's during testing over the course of a couple years, so it was easy for me to say that yes, the cable is probably past it's time.

However, I just bought a new DP cable and apparently, this one does not work either. Literally same error - "DisplayPort no signal".

My GPU has like 3 DP connectors and tried both cables on all of them, no difference. I highly highly doubt the gpu connectors are at fault. How could all 3 die out at the same time anyway?

So, putting everything I described together, does this mean that my monitor's DP connector is damaged?

Because I can't find any other explanation after already eliminating all suspicious factors out of the mix. Monitor is not dead, GPU is clearly not dead, I keep hearing DP cables are technically impossible to damage/kill, so all I can blame is that I messed up the monitor's DP connector after so much monitor height/angle readjusting, especially after those rare moments where I had to slide the monitor at max height and max angle to see the connectors to plug a cable or having room to manage the other cables.