Question Is my motherboard broken or my Cpu?

Nov 30, 2020
Hi everyone,

I have this gaming rig that when turn it on all the fans for my Cpu and GPU work but there is no image through the graphics card which I tested and works and there is no image on the built I ports. I also have tested the ram on another PC but now I don't know if my Cpu is bad or my mobo.
I7 6700
2 X 4gb ddr4 gskills rig jaw
1tb Seagate sshd
Gigabyte b150m d3h
Hydro 600w
EVGA GTX 960 2gb


Oct 10, 2014
Hello! Unfortunately that isn't possible to answer without some prior troubleshooting. If possible, I'd recommend making sure the CPU and Motherboard power cables are plugged in. These should be an 8 pin and 24 pin connector on the motherboard. Boot and check if it works. If not, then try removing the ram and reseating each stick one at a time in the slot furthest from the processor. If one stick gets no display, try the other. If that leads to nothing, then try reseating the GPU by unplugging the power cables, unscrewing it from the back of the case, and moving the switch on the PCIE slot on the motherboard. Doing all of that should free it up. Pull it out and then put it back in, and make sure you get solid pressure. Screw it back in and plug the power cables back in. Those are the easiest things you can do to figure the issue out. One other simple thing would be reseating the Processor, but you have to be able to remove the cooler and you should probably replace the thermal paste before using it again for gaming, however you could probably get away with booting it into windows.
P.S. Do one thing at a time. That way you know for sure what the problem was/is.