Is my motherboard compatible with GTX 660Ti

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Jun 6, 2011
hi, guys.went to shop for the purchase of ASUS gtx 660ti but the shop keeper said its not possible that 660ti will be compatible with my existing motherboard,the reason he said is my motherboard is pretty old with DDR3 with 4gb ram, and intel core 2 quad Q8200 [socket 775] .i always thought graphic cards are independent of cpu and ram types on motherboard unless the graphic slot is a AGP. am already running XFX GTX 285 with no trouble.. so what do u guys think? should i go for 660ti or suspend it and run one more year.. my detailed specs
model :
processor : core 2 quad Q8200
socket : LGA 775
RAM : 4Gb DDR3
HDD : 2x 500 Gb
PSu : corsair GS 700 [ Corsair CMPSU-700GUK 700 Watts PSU ]
thank you...
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