Question Is my motherboard dead?

Feb 6, 2020
Hey guys! I'm new here, so here's what I'm up'to, My computer was working just fine last night, but then it froze in my screen. I can't use my mouse or keyboard so what I did is I shut it down directly. I unplug and plug everything power, usb's, vga etc. but my monitor is still not connecting, also is my keyboard there is no light in it, but my mouse has light in it. I tested my vga wire, monitor, mouse and keyboard on my other cpu and its working fine.

If I'm right there's no built-in speaker and led light on my mobo , so I don't know if there's a beep or something like that. I also opened my cpu and cleaned off the dust then unplug and plug, also did the unplug it then hold the power upto 20 secs. and there is still no connection. I don't know what to do.