[SOLVED] Is my motherboard dead?

Feb 8, 2021
CPU: Intel Core I3 4160
MB: GigaByte GA-H81M-H
RAM: Kingston 4 GB DDR3 PC 1866 HyperX Fury Blue HX318C10F/4
PSU: Sentey BCP450-OS

No POST or BIOS logo. CPU fan working, same with PSU fan.

MB speaker makes a 'tick' every 3 seconds.

Tried PSU and Ram on another PC and they work correctly, can't check the cpu though.

Every once in a while after resetting the CMOS by removing the battery for 20 minutes I managed to get to the BIOS. But after exiting it's the same thing again. Loading optimized defaults doesn't help either.

Tried with a second PSU and same thing.

Removed the MB from the case and tried it over a newspaper to rule out short circuits.

This happened right after I connected a new SSD. The PC had been giving blue screens sometimes.

video with sound, some bios pics
View: https://imgur.com/gallery/Hk1l8Qp
It might just be that the mobo is failed of aging. A gaming computer that is used on daily basis may not last more than between 5-8 years before the motherboard get defective, most often due to bad electrolyte capacitors.
Feb 8, 2021
How old are the system - 2014 ?

Try to
  • Replace the cmos battery (in the center of your video)
  • Look for broken electrolyte capacitors (leak at bottom or top lid pressed upwards from inside)
yes, more or less 2014
Checked the voltage of the CMOS battery, the CR2032 it reads 3.3V so it's alright, just in case tried with another one but same thing
The Capacitors seem ok, but I'm no expert in that though (no apparent leaks and none are bulged)

Thank you for your time Grobe