Question Is my motherboard faulty? tested all the other parts


May 19, 2010
Hi I'm trying to fix my computer, i plan to buy a new cpu, mobo and ram bundle but wanted to check that i havent missed anything

Spec is around 12 years old
q6600 no overclocking
p5ne-sli mobo
8gb corsair ddr2 ram (4x2gb)
hd7850 graphics
480gb ssd
3T sata
windows 10
corsair 550w psu

A couple of months ago i'd get a bsod every day or two, sometimes whilst playing world of warships or even just listening to music on ytube, i then upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10, problem kept happening, i started checking the minidumps and it pointed to a graphics card problem, i tried swapping my gtx 650 to an older 9800gt, didnt fix the problem, then upgraded to a second hand hd7850, didnt help, check the temps, were ok, changed the themal compound on the gpu and cpu, no change

Also sometimes when i try and boot, no matter if cold or hot, the gpu fan runs on max and nothing boots, can happen a few times in a row, then bsod started happening a few times a day, the comp was slow and the mouse pointer stutters, it only shows up as 2gb of ram sometimes, then 4gb, i tried using only 2 ram sticks at a time, instead of 4, then different combinations of the 4 and even borrowed 2 x2gb from my brother, who has almost exactly the same spec, no change

I then tried a 2nd hand q6600 cpu which i got from ebay for £5, then changed swapped the psu for an identical one from my brothers comp, no change, took the mobo out to check it and under it and refitted it, no change. Tried my brothers ssd with windows 10, no change, but since it doesnt boot to bios sometimes i thought it wouldnt be the ssd/windows

So basically i've tried everything but replacing the mobo.

So my plan is to buy a new ryzen 3 1200, Gigabyte A320M-S2H Motherboard mobo with 8gb ram stick, maybe upgrade the graphics card later too

Wanted to check here before going ahead and buying it, have i missed anything?

Any replies appreciated
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