Is my motherboard fried?

Jan 20, 2019
Hey everyone! Recently I went to go change out my heat sink on my computer as the one I had was a default dell one and I had had one for a while, I just never got around to replacing it. I took the old one out, and after some fiddling around I managed to get the new one in and went to turn my computer on. All fans started up, everything seemed ok until about 3 seconds the whole system shut off. It would attempt to reboot itself every 2-3 seconds or so.

I may have applied too much thermal paste onto the CPU and heat sink but after some researching I don’t think that’s what caused the issue. I think I could have either cracked my motherboard, or short circuited it. I am hoping to get a new improved one soon, but I’m hoping that all of my other parts aren’t fried as well.

If anyone can provide some input that would be greatly appreciated! I just hope all my other parts aren’t fried too :)

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