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Question Is my Motherboard Fried?


Aug 25, 2015
Hello, my pc randomly stopped worked yesterday without warning. Everytime I try and turn it on, nothing powers up. There is a brief flash of light from one of my fans and there are some led lights on the mother board that are working but that's about it. No fans accually turn on. I have no idea what may have caused this. PC is on the older side, about 5 years old. I'm sure something is fried (or at least pretty sure) but I dont know what. Is it the mother board? If not, what or how may I figure out what is shot. I dont think it's the psu according to a buddy, he spent a little time on it trying to figure it out but couldn't do anything else as he was on a time crunch. Thanks!

Gpu: gtx 970
CPU: Intel i5 5th gen
Motherboard is like an asus z170 I think but I cant remember (not in town)
16gb ram
Psu: p650b gigabyte 80plus bronze
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