Is my New PSU broke?


May 15, 2012
I bought a 700W Raidmax PSU (did not know how bad they are), and I followed the instructions on the motherboard layout to hook it up.

This is the PSU link

I plugged the 20 pin into the mobo (LGA 1155 intel z68).

Then I plugged a 2x2 plug into the ATX CPU part.

I also plugged pci into my Nvidia graphics card.

I turned the PSU on, but none of the fans were running.

One thing I noticed was on the motherboard, that their was a green light that lit up next to "standby."

I was wondering if I hooked it up wrong or if my PSU cam D.O.A.?

Thank you for all the help, I'm just a noob trying to get into computers :p
would have thought you should be plugging 24 pins not 20 to the mainboard

and probably 2 x 4 pin plug to the 12v cpu not 1 x 4 pin(or 2x2 as you put it)

whats the actual motherboard make and model number

edit--yep looking at the psu specs it has

1 x 20+4 pins Main Connector
1 x 4+4 pins ATX 12V/EPS 12V Connector

those are what you should be connecting
no the psu should work--though dont think much of raidmax

looks like that board only has a 4 pin cpu 12v not an 8

does the 1 x 4+4 pins ATX 12V/EPS 12V Connector on the psu split into 2 x4 plugs?

but you still need to connect 24 pins to the main power not 20

some psus have a 20 pin with a 4 pin that can attach to it if your board uses 24 pins

doesnt go anywhere if your motherboard only has a 4 pin connector as in your case

looking at the psu specs it does say 20 pin plus 4 pin

so you need to make sure the 4 pin is attached to the 20 pins--it should be able to just slide along side the 20 pin

and its on the same cable from the psu as the 20 pin not a 4 pin on a seperate cable

nope other way round--you need to make sure you are using all 24 pins for that motherboard

and it can only connect one way so you cant get it the wrong way round

some come with the 4 pin bit already attached and some you have to attach it--just didnt know if yours was already attached or not
ok if you have it hooked up thats ruled out :)

whats the cpu?

and when you say no fans spin do you mean case fans? cpu fan ? psu fan? --some of them or all of them?

and when you say you turned on the psu--do you mean you turned on the psu by its on off rocker switch if it has one then

pressed the power on button on the pc?
outside the case is ok

but you need to wire the on/off switch to see if it powers up or short the pins to power it up

next to the 2 blue sata connectors below the one red and 2 black sata connectors is where the power-hdd led --reset etc

wire in--have you done those?
dont need the sata cables yet

just the cable from your case that says power or pwr

goes on the 2 small pins marked pwr next to the sata connectors

very small writing--and has positive and negative marked

without those 2 pins crossing you will get power to the motherboard--thats why you have the green light--but it wont turn

on until its able to jump those 2 small pins


May 15, 2012
Yes I used a Flathead to short the on/off (red pins). The PCI-E chord connected to the graphics card got really warm, and the PSU made a crackling noise and nothing happend, so I turned it off and took the chord off the video card
doesnt sound great

would be better to connect the pwr switch from the case rather than use a flat head in case you touched more than 2 pins

you can leave the video card disconnected as it should still power up without it--just may bleep or have no display but all

the fans etc should power up

the power switch cable from the case should be long enough to reach the pins if you turn the case around--then just use

the on/off switch on the pc--bit safer that way
ok--after midnight here--so will leave you to it and look at the thread tomorrow

while its out the case if you are using a stock push pin cooler look at the back of the motherboard and make sure all 4 pins are properly engaged

common problem with them is they dont go through right and then you wonder how your temperatures are too high once its all up and running