Question Is my OC good for i7 6700k Skylake

Mar 26, 2020
Hello I'm completely new to overclocking, I searched at this forum today and overclocked my cpu.
Am I okey with these results ? Thanks :)

if you install/run HWMonitor and CPU-Z/Bench/stress cpu, note clock speeds maintained on all all hit /maintain roughly 4.4 GHz? what temps are achieved across all cores after 10-15 minutes..... (be sure to hit 'stop' to end stress test after the 15 minutes has lapsed...)

If you CPU temps are around 60-65C, that would seem 'average to good', IMO....

(Are you running constant 4400 MHz even under no load via fixed multiplier settings in BIOS? WIth no apps/stress tests running, does HWMonitor show your CPU at 4400 MHz at all times?)

You might have more flexibility in default mode, but simply selecting higher peak turbos via Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility, at which you could still go to 800-1000 MHz when just surfing and playing solitaire, and go to 4500 MHz on all cores when under load...

Also, perhaps your CPU will hit those clocks without 1.3x volts core voltage, as every .05-.1V extra on core voltage can lead to notable temps increases at load...