Question Is my PC being Bottlenecked. I really need help.

Apr 1, 2019
My pc is a Acer Predator g3-605 that had an gtx 980 in it.

The specs are as followed.

GTX 980

Intel i7 4790 @3.60ghz (non k)

16GB DDR3 Ram eacht at 1600

Acer Predator G3-605 LGA1150 Motherboard DB.SPX 11.001 MS-7829 (this as it looks like is my mobo)

1tb Hdd

and a 128gb SSD on which windows and bf5 are installed.

Bios version: American Megatrends Inc. P11-C1, 12.09.2014

Windows 10 64 Bit


a 144hz monitor DP and a 60hz monitor HDMI (60hz monitor is off only turn it on sometimes)

and i dont know if thats helps but my gpu runs at 1695mhz Gpu speed

So recently i swapped my gtx 980 for a RTX 2060 and noticed these following problems. (Please dont be mad if i dont understand some things such as some games use more cpu or gpu)

In bf5 for instance my cpu is at 98% all the time and my gpu under 5% i get about 70 and seomtimes 100 FPS if nothing is happening on screen at ultra settings with dx12 and dx11

In sekiro My cpu is at 80ish% and my gpu is at 65ish%

In Overwatch my Gpu is also at 10% and cpu over 90%

Now the real culprits are Ac Odyssey and Far cry New dawn in those games i Reach under 60 Fps and cpu load is at 80%

Thermals are perfect gpu is under 65C and Cpu under 65C reaching 70 at max.

I have done no OC on anything neither on gpu or cpu.

Oh and i have installed all the latest drivers aswell.

I have tried setting Power management in NVIDA CONTROLL PANEL to "prefer Maximum Performance" that hasnt helped.

nvidia control panel physx configuration on my gpu rtx 2060

I have reset my pc aswell cleaning it from all the junk.

I have plugged everything in and out and everything is plugged in corectly

Even applied new thermal paste to my cpu which also has done nothing.

Nothing big is running in the backround no steam/uplay or any other cpu or gpu intensive programm.

I hope i coverd all the needed infos for you guys. And by god i hope someone can help me cause i have read that a Intel i7 4790 is still strong and going am i doing something wrong? I just need

to find out what the cause maybe i will be willing to buy a new MOBO and ram if its compatiable with my cpu but by no means can i afford a new cpu right now.

I really hope one of you guys can help me figure this out cause right now im really frustrated and very tired of doing so much research.
The faster GPU will allow the CPU to be maxed out merely supplying data to GPU, so, naturally CPU usage will be very high...(certainly higher than it was with the 980, which about matches a GTX1060...

Yes, the older i5 at just 4 threads and at only 3.6 GHz is indeed holding back 1080P or 1440P performance in pretty much any game made in the last 2 years....; short of 5-6 year old games, the i5 will likely not be capable of generating/holding consistent 144 fps in most games, save for in CS:GO, ...

In's time for an i7-9700K! (A firesale on a 4790K would be a nice alternative stopgap upgrade measure to at least consider, with that CPU , especially overclocked, often exceeding pure gaming frame rates achieved by all R5-R7-based rigs, including the 2700X, even to this day...)
EDIT: you'd want to make sure your mainboard supports a 4790K first, many prebuilts lack BIOS capability of the fastest 90Watt TDP CPUs intentionally due to lack of thermal capacity, VRM regulation, or both...)
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