Question Is my pc bottlenecking bad?


Jan 1, 2020
So right now im running a
Motherboard: z170a gaming m5
Ram is 24gb
Cooler is a Noctua dh-15
Rtx 2070 super
750w evga g2 psu (not sure if it matters)
So i went into the bios and for the particular motherboard i have a game mode option which OC my cpu to 4.4 ghz so i have that running as well. Gpu is not oc at all. Whenever i run warzone i have terrible frames in the menu where u can see the battlepass etc and i get 60 fps even as low as 40. But in game i get about 100 and my graphic settings in game are medium. Pretty much made it so its an advantage for me to turn things off like motion blurr, shadows etc. but in my performance tab in task manager my cpu is always higher than my gpu and my gpu will fluctuate but it is always at 40-50% and cpu is 70%ish. I do have my gtx 1060 6gb from msi. Should i swap my gpus out to get better performance?
Don't worry about performance in menus since well, it's a menu. You don't need blazing fast FPS to do things. Dips may be due to loading stutters.

However the CPU usage is creeping on being a bottleneck and you should think about upgrading that soon if you keep planning on playing AAA games in the future.