Is my Phenom II 965 BE too hot?


Jul 3, 2010
Hi, I just recently upgraded a bunch of stuff in my computer, including the processor. I got a Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition. Now, I decided to use the cooler I had on my previous CPU (this one) instead of the stock cooler, and because I was re-using the cooler, I had to apply some new thermal paste (Ceramique 2 by Arctic Silver). That cooler originally already had thermal paste on it when I first bought it, so this was the first time I have ever actually had to apply it myself, and I am worried I used too much, or didn't clean the cooler well enough or something.

Anyway, on to the (possible) problem. The CPU idles around 35-42 C, which is a lot hotter than my previous overclocked Athlon II x3 CPU (idled around 25-32 C). Mind you, the CPU fan is not at its max around those temps (it was only doing 1700ish RPMs vs the max 2850ish; I have it set up that way to cut down on the noise). I decided to see what it would get up to, so I have now been running Prime 95 for about an hour, and when I first started it, the Core temps for the CPU got up to 57 C, while the CPUTIN got up to 58 C. Once the fan got enough time to spin up to its max speed, the core temps dropped to around 52 C, while the CPUTIN stayed around 57 C. After an hour the temps were sill the same.

So, it this too hot, or should I be fine?

Thank you for the help!

EDIT: May 21 - I decided to have a go at redoing the thermal paste and stuff. So I cleaned the CPU and heat sink, followed the arctic silver instructions, and just put a dab on the cpu, then used the heat sink to push it down and spread it out. Started up my computer, ran prime95, and.... Absolutely no difference. :( The temps are literally identical to before.
Maybe after a few days the paste will set in and I might, maybe notice a difference, but all in all, it was not worth the time I put in to doing it.
Oh well.


Sep 8, 2009
its fine, if it crosses 80C then you can start to look into things more but 57C is not an issue. the CPU and heatsink should be fully cleaned with a towel and some isopropyl alcohol then a dab of goop should be placed on the CPu and spread evenly over the CPU with a card or other flat edge making sure to cover all the corners. it should be a very thin film and not a packed down icing.