Question Is my power supply still good?


Feb 25, 2017
So I bought my evga 650w 80+ gold GQ in september of 2018. I'm planning on switching from my msi gtx 1060 6gb to an msi rtx 2060 and just wondering if I should replace my power supply as well or if its still good for a couple more years?


It's fine. The 2060 uses the same amount of power as the GTX 1060. That is also a good enough unit. No need to change. Put your money elsewhere, like a better model with better cooling etc. The EVGA XC cards are binned and EVGA has much better support than pretty much anybody else. I'd put the extra money towards getting one of those cards if you have it to spend.
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Brand got nothing to do with much of anything concerning psus, unless it's Seasonic. I'd not use an Evga Supernova NEX or an Evga 500/600 N/B/W for anything but a boat anchor or possibly a doorstop, even if they were free.

Series is everything. The GQ is very decent, G3 better still and the G2 is the best of the lot. The B1 were miserable, B2 750/850 were impressive, the B3 is a hair above miserable. The BQ only slightly better than the B3.

Minimum recommended psu for a 1060/2060 is 450w. Most recommended is 550w, for no other reason than it's hard to justify the same price for an equitable psu at 450w and 550w and the choices of excellent psus in 550w+ are much greater. Not many really decent 450w psus around. Tons of good 550w. With a decent 650w like the GQ, you have at least 5years left on it, probably more.


Even Seasonic has some units I wouldn't use in anything other than an internet browsing machine or very basic office system. So yeah, EVERY brand has crappy units and EVGA is CERTAINLY not the exception. In fact, they have a lot more crappy units than good ones, but the good ones they have are generally pretty good. The GQ is fine. It's not great. It's not going to top anybody's list when it comes to the lowest amount of ripple, or the best voltage regulation. There are things about that unit that are somewhat mediocre. But it is a very decent unit and there is no reason to change it, especially running those cards that even with overhead factored in, would be perfectly fine on a good 550w unit, and technically would be ok on a 450w unit if it was a terrific model.