Question Is my PSU enough for 3060 upgrade?


Feb 19, 2021
I am looking to upgrade my PC to a RTX 3060 / RTX 3060 Ti / RTX 3070 / RTX 3070 Ti. I am unsure if my PSU can support my upgrade. Is there any upgrade path that does not involve replacing the PSU?
PSU: Silverstone SST-ST70F-ES230 700W 80+ True Rated

Current Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X
Cooler: Stock AMD
GPU: MSI 1650 OC 4GB
MEM: 16GB Corsair 3200Mhz
MB: Tuf B550 plus Wifi
PSU: Silverstone SST-ST70F-ES230 700W 80+ True Rated
Fans: 4 120mm
That PSU has to be something like 14 years old as the first reviews of it were in like 2008.

Any idea how old yours actually is? The fact is that if it's more than 5 years old, even though that was a fairly decent unit when new, I would definitely not recommend using it with a brand new graphics card. Absolutely I would not be using it at all if it is more than 7 years old. I think you will want to replace the PSU along with the graphics card.
that psu is indeed too old for new video cards and also it´s efficiency is bad by todays standards
definitely replace it along with the video card .
you can get nice 750w gold units from corsair , evga or seasonic often below or slightly over 100 bucks if on sale .