Question Is my psu failing?


Nov 28, 2015
I got this used psu from another guy since it comes with the set. It's a seasonic psu. I cant check the model at the time im writing this so i'll post it later if needed. Anyway, today i took out the gpu to take a pic. I did nothing else. Just taking out for a picture. Then reassemble it and all of sudden, i cant boot my pc. At first it was like the cpu fans and case fan spin then the case fan stop spinning while the cpu fan continue to spin. No display. Error code 00. So i figure it's the memory. Took out the memory. This time, i cant even boot the damn thing. When i press the power button, nothing happens. Motherboard led lights up when i switch on the psu but i cant do anything. Nothing was responsive. I reset the bios using motherboard physical button. Still nothing. Okay, so i drain the pc. Unplug everything external and press down the power button for 30 seconds. Reconnect everything. This time, it's the same. Cpu fan and case fan then same thing. Case fan stop and cpu fan continues. I tested the ram on my other rig and it's fine. So it cant be the ram. Then i swapped the psu. Everything is working again. But the question is, why was my pc working fine without any errors until i took out the gpu? Granted i didnt shut down my pc for weeks before taking out the gpu. So it never booted from cold in a while.