Is my PSU good enough?


Nov 15, 2009
I have thermaltake purepower 600watts

on the box it says +12v1 18a/+12v2 18a

Does that total 36amps?

In Everest it says my +12v is using 12.29.

I read at at some website that says Amps = Watts / Volts

So I did a litte calculation and I got this 48.82(amps) = 600(watts)/12.29(Everest says I'm using 12.29v)

Does this mean My +12v rails are using a total of 48.82 amps? If this is true, is my PSU not good enough since it only produces 36amps?

Here are my specs.
955 black edition 3.2ghz
gigabyte 890-GPA motherboard
GTX 260 core 216
2x2 GSkill DDR3 1333 ram
Thermaltake 600watt purepower psu
coolermaster HAF932 case.


Jul 31, 2009
Keep in mind that not all power is going through those 12V rails.
To determine the wattage on the 12V rails, take their rated amperage and multiply it by the voltage, 12. (it's 432 watts)

Your power supply's total rated output of 600w is divided between 12v, 5v, and 3.3v: +3.3V@30A,+5V@28A,+12V1@18A,+12V2@18A,-12V@0.8A, +5VSB@3.0A
We often have posts from gaming enthusiasts reporting crashes during game sessions. You have an average power supply. It is not a high quality power supplybut it should be okay while playing a game. I doubt the power supply is the problem.

Generally speaking, adding the current (amps) on each the + 12 volt rails will not equal the total current (amperage) on the +12 volt rails. The correct formula is to divide the mamixum wattage for the +12 rails by 12 volts.

The maximum wattage for the +12 volt rails can be found on the psu data label. It is usually located just below the +12 volt rail current (amps) rating on the data label.

The maximum wattage listed for the power supply and for the +12 volt rails does not mean your system will actually be using the maximum wattage. The power supply will only deliver the power necessary to operate the system. A typical pc system does not require maximum wattage during game play. The situation is similar for the current (amps) rating.


In this case, the total 12 volt current probably is 18 + 18 amps. There is no third line on the PSU label.

Plus a good 500 watt PSU will put out 36 amps. A good 600 watt PSU should put out about 10 amps more.

And, yes, your PSU, if working properly, is more than adequate to power your system.