[SOLVED] Is my RAM stable after changing timings in BIOS?

Patriks Kulinskis

Sep 20, 2020
Recently I bought patriot signature line premium ram 2x8 3200mhz cl22 1.2V, by default latency is 22 which isn’t cool right? So I tried lowering it in bios, I set timings to 18-20-20-38 and dram voltage to 1.360. The system booted up. I ran the ram stress test using MemTest64 and Prime95, those apps didn't detect any errors, does that mean it's all good? It's stable?

My PC specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
GPU: msi gtx 1060 3gb
MOBO: MSI b450m pro m2
RAM: Patriot signature line premium 2x8 3200mhz cl22
PSU: 500W Lepa MXF1
SSD1: Kingston 120gb
SSD2: Toshiba tr200 240gb