Is my slow internet speed caused by my ethernet cable?

Dec 8, 2018
I'm from Romania, where the internet connection is usually pretty good but not in my case.
I'm paying for 300 mbps of internet, with the company's router (UPC) and i'm not getting the speed that i'm paying for. The speed on my pc is around 20-60 mbps and on my phone it's 40-120. Should i change my ethernet cable, which is a CAT 5E or should i buy a new network card for my computer?


A new ethernet cable is always the place to start. Get a cable that can run directly from the router to PC without going through any in-wall cabling. Get a round (not flat), all copper cat5e or cat6a cable. Test the speed with multiple computers. You may have an internal computer problem and not a network problem. If you don't get your paid-for speed on any computer with a new cable, then try connecting one computer to your modem if you have a separate modem. Test that. BUT, your computer will not be protected by the firewall on the router, so limit the time you are connected to the modem.