Question Is my SSD dead or just being stubborn ?

Jan 11, 2020
My HP notebook gave a message stating that the cooling fan was not working properly. Minutes later, the computer turned itself off. I tried turning on the computer again, but nothing happened, not even the power light next to the adapter plug-in came on. I disassembled the computer and found that the motherboard was really hot. So, I pulled out my crucial SSD. Now, when I connect the SSD to another computer using a SATA cable, it is detected, however, I can see it popping up only inside disk management and it says it has no media. I tried giving it another path letter, tried accessing it through the command prompt, downloaded software's to detect it, and multiple other things that the internet suggested, but nothing happened. The SSD properties in disk management shows it as a Master boot record. I want to extract files from that SDD into my new computer, but I dont know how to access it. I also dont know if it is actually dead or just being stubborn ? I would appreciate any help.