Question Is my SSD dying?

Feb 29, 2020
I built my PC in March of 2020, and I have noticed stutters and high disk usage in task manager.

I am an university student and today I noticed that while using one-note, my note taking was very stutter and fragmentated. So I did some testing and it turns out when I was writing my notes, it totally overwhelmed my SSD (usage up to 100%), which I am guessing is the source.

Also within in the past 1-2 weeks I have noticed high SSD usage in general by "system" in the task manager which upon further inspection turned out to be : "ntkrnlmp.exe"

I ran samsung magician today to test the SSD and I saw the some (?) changes.
SSD write went from 484 mb/s to 85 mb/s, write went down from 528 mb/s to about 430 mb/s and about a 20K decrease in both write and read IOPS (25K for write): 20996 now.

my SSD is the Samsung 860 QVO 1TB

Thanks for your help, let me know if more information is required.