Question Is my temp on 5950x normal?

Aug 8, 2023
Built my first custom water loop and I'm a bit disappointed in my temperature and wondering if this is normal based on my set up.

Came from a 5800x that idled around 44 degrees and 55 underload working with only a 240mm push/pull (Corsair carbide 240 case) Productivity only.

What I have now on a 5950x idles around 54 degrees and can be up to 60 to 64 throughout the day working or just random spikes even when doing nothing. Ambient temperature is 27.5 to 28.5 throughout the day. I can only get 44 idle temps when it's colder in the morning.


CPU: 5950x, pbo on with curve optimizer -23 for most cores, -7 or -11 on the best 4 cores (ala ryzen master optimization). Corsair xc5 pro waterblock

Motherboard: Asus x570 crosshair viii dark hero.
Pbo advanced with motherboard gives ppt 395, TDC 200 and edc 200.

Voltage offset -.0125
Loan line calibration 2

Overclock to 4.5ghz with voltage of 1.25 with dynamic of switch at 75.
Oc overdrive +200.

Graphics card: EVGA rtx 2070 xc ultra. Ek 2080 RE waterblock. 4 monitors via displayport and USBC. Biggest monitor is 3840x1600 at 120mhz. 34 degrees with +16 hotspot

2 nvme. 990 pro 1tb with bylski water block. 32 c. 980 pro 1tb no waterblock, passive heatsink only. +6c compared to 990 temps.

4x16gb sticks of ram 3600 cl 16
PC case lian lin 011 dynamic mini.

Ek kinetic d5 pump with 200ml reservoir tube.
Bottom 360mm hardware labs gts. Push pull intake.
Side 280mm Corsair radiator. Push pull intake.
Rear 120mm Corsair radiator. Push pull intake.
Top 3 120mm fans exhaust.
Corsair clear coolant, 13mm/10mm soft tubing.

Fan curve is at 50% for temps between 40 to 65. Any more and it gets audible. I have Corsair sp fans in all push and ml fans in all pull/exhaust.

I'm thinking I can adjust ppt, TDC and edc. But even after youtubing, I'm unsure which sensor I'm looking for in hwinfo to know what I should be checking to know what to lower them to. One of the guides just said set pbo in bios to motherboard instead of manual and I'm just starting here to see what it sets it to.

I want to confirm whether there is a real way to undervolt. I don't consider curve optimizer an undervolt, it's still going to use the max voltage and just hit higher frequency. It will always hit 1.48v and without the offset 1.5v.

I don't mind capping performance, but I just want the frequency to be achieved at an efficient voltage.

Max core clock would be 4945 on 8 of the cores. 6 more will get above 5045 and 2 will hit 5225. I havent dived into clock stretching and checking effective clock.

Cinebench r23 score is 28k to 29k (which is the result of the dynamic of switch) cinebench multicore load temps will go to 67, 70 max.

But it's just the normal usage temp throughout the day that heats up my room and I want it to be more consistently low temps.

Is the 5950x just that much hotter?
Are my settings too aggressive to realistically have cooler temperatures?
Do I have too many components for the loop, so unrealistic to expect sub 30 degrees coolant temp?

I'm not here for the temps are within specifications advices. I'm trying get as much performance out of my water cooling loops vs. performance as possible. But my priority now is temperature. I may just forgo all the extra overclocking and compare against stock settings. Especially since my 5800x can idle at 44 degrees with just an aio (albeit no aggressive overclock).

If you've made it this far, I already appreciate you reading this.
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