Question Is my Vega 64 broken? Mysterious black screen issue!

Apr 26, 2020
I've recently upgraded from an old i7 4790k to a Ryzen 7 3700x on a MSI Tomahawk MAX motherboard paired with a Gigabyte Vega 64 and a Thermaltake GX1 700w

Sometimes, my computer will crash to black, no HDMI output with keyboard/mouse not powered, yet the fans and RGBs inside the case are still spinning. I cannot use the power button to reset since it will not respond, so I have to manually switch off the PSU and wait a few seconds before it'll work again.

I have found that I can reproduce this problem perfectly by playing The Division 2 on High/Ultra settings, causing the screen to go black after two minutes of gameplay, consistently. In other games, it's random when the black screen will happen, but it does happen eventually (Games on Uplay tend to black screen consistently in the first few minutes). I've tried resetting the drivers with DDU, reinstalling Windows, using older AMD drivers, but nothing seems to work.

When I swap out the Vega 64 with an older R9 390x, it will work perfectly without issue. The Division 2 just runs perfectly. No black screen hard lock.
Apr 26, 2020
Thermaltake GX1 700w
Does not meet published minimum Recommended PSU for video card.
Oh geez, I never realized it was 750w!

In my old build, I paired this PSU with the same Vega 64 and an i7 4970k. It never had any problems since it just worked and I never thought twice about it.

Was the addition of the Ryzen 7 enough to make the PSU not able to handle the loads?


Jan 1, 2015
That r9 is much more power hungry than the vega 64. So if it works with the r9, it should work with the Vega, driver issues aside.
Can you pull up an error log of when the pc crashes?
Do you think it's possible your radeon gpu software(overdrive or whatever it's called these days) keeps thinking you have the 390 installed and is trying to use the drivers for that on the vega?


Jan 26, 2013
Can you test with Window mode and Borderless Fullscreen.

I have the EXACT same issue SINCE I bought my Vega 64 LC.
2 Monitors - A 1080p@240hz, B 2160@60hz

I used to think it was the 240hz so I would only play with 1 monitor enabled when I switched to gaming on 240hz. but the problem would now happen, very randomly. Sometimes 10mins, sometimes 1-2hrs no issues.

THIS WEEK I realized that my 4k monitor doesnt really have FreeSync, but my 1080p does! just to disable all screen related connections, I disabled FS and .... I have been completing entire 1-2hr game sessions for the past 2-3 days now.
I was googling to see if this was ever brought up and landed here =D

Edit: trailed off why I mentioned Window mode. Forces FreeSync Off ! so test that before changing the setting (or you know what turn it all off and retest haha)