Is my VGA to DVI adaptor ruining my DVI port?


Nov 2, 2012

Last week I built a new system with a GTX 670 as GPU, but I noticed something as I switched my monitor cable, attached to a VGA to DVI adaptor to my old pc and back to the new one again. It looked like the - shaped gap on the DVI port on the video card had widened, and I couldn't get the adaptor to fit in there anymore. A little while later I succeeded, and it fit again. Now I noticed that the - area has widened again. Is this adaptor ruining the DVI port on my video card?

Thanks in advance,
S. Roberti
I sure as hell hope not. I have used DVI -> VGA adapters and left them on the card for years while still having the DVI part work after.

In each hole you should have two contacts, they may spread, but should be springy enough to return to make good contact with what ever gets plugged in.

As long as the adapter is not damaged, it should cause no harm.