8gb ram
60gb ssd
2 x 500gb raid 0
Hauppage HVR-1800 PCIe tv tuner
EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked 725/1900
Antec High Current gamer series 750w 40amp quad rail

I was using EVGA Precision to OC the card to 800/2000 which rather conservative for the 480
I never over volted the card
It ran for a month at those settings fine
I Fold at Home on the card which uses the card at %100 for long periods of time
temps never went over 90c (safe max is 105c according to Nvidia specs-GTX 480 run hot)

it started crashing a few days ago
I uninstalled Precision and system ran fine (ran Furmark stress test for a hour at 1920x1080)
I assumed it was Precision causing the problem or the OC

like an idiot I decided to reinstall Precision and try the OC again
crashed out again
NBD I thought
I restarted and it still crashed
so I went into safe mode and uninstalled Precision and did a registry clean afterwards with CCleaner
still crashing
uninstalled Nvidia drivers
reinstalled the latest driver
still crashing
it runs fine in safe mode or when standard VGA graphic adapter is used
crashes going into desktop with Nvidia drivers installed
I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers again and used Driversweeper and CCLeaner to clean up
tried older drivers from March
still crashing
I used regedit to check if there was any registry settings causing a problem-didnt see any

I have had GPUs die before
usually will not run fine even in standard VGA mode or safe mode
so that is why this is bothering me

if the card was fried then why does it work fine in safe mode/vga mode?

any suggestions are greatly appreciated
It does sound as though the card is buggered and won't go into 3D mode, which is something the drivers test for when installing (ever notice that flickering and black screen when installing drivers? :lol: ).

I dont know if my other PC has the power supply to handle it
it is a Seasonic 500w six/eight pin unit
one HD,i5-2400,one optical two fans
I know seasonics are good so maybe worth a try?

driver installs find and then I do the reboot it calls for and crashes going into desktop
makes it as far as the windows logo right before desktop appears then BSODs
will not even let me get into desktop to underclock it
only get into safe mode

I think it is dead but just a weird situation
it really is never doing 3d
crashes right before desktop loads but fine in safe mode or with Nvidia drivers uninstalled
with the default standard VGA adapter driver the card works fine
that is what makes me think it might be driver/software related

I think my other rigs seasonic 500w can handle it so I will take the 6870 out of secondary rig and try in main rig
then I will try the 480 into secondary rig and see what happens

too beat up today to mess with it
it would of been my fiance's 49th birthday today plus work was rough today
I am using the I5-2400/hd 6870 rig for now and will wait for a better day to swap cards I think

thanks for the help guys
I will report back when I swap cards



I agree. And I was being serious, something to do with the 480, it's heat and the solder.
Russk1- baking GPU can definitely work. sometimes the solder lines will develop small cracks and heating it up will get the solder to loosen up and fill them. I saved a 7600 GT years ago that way.ran fine afterwards and I sold it (cheap) and last I heard was still running. still "baking" a GPU is a funny concept