Is my video card fried?


Jun 23, 2009
My worst nightmare came true today. While playing Grand Theft Auto 4, I smelled something overheating. I started up Everest to check the temperature and noticed my GPU was at 200 degrees Celsius (Note: The reading said 'GPU Diode'). I immediately shut down my PC, and let it cool off. I booted it up again and noticed the fan had stopped working altogether. However, it managed to boot into Windows 7 without any visual artifacts of any kind. My video card is an ASUS EN9800GT. Cooling is, well, I guess WAS provided by the stock Glaciator cooler. My questions right now are: Is my video card fried? Are there any signs that will tell me whether I can continue using it? I took off the fan and heatsink and it looks unscathed, but I'm stumped right now, since this is the first time this has happened to me. I'd appreciate any and all assistance. Thank you.


Nov 11, 2008
Well.. checking to see if ti still works is a good way to tell it it will work...

Without a fan it won't last long, but without cooling you cant be sure if it will work again. So buy a new fan at your risk.

Though, the card should shut down long long long before 200deg. That shouldn't even be remotely possible to reach. If it actually was that hot something is very wrong. I imagine it was slightly overheating and got a bad measurement though.