Is Newegg reliable site?

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Aug 31, 2017
Pretty much every product have atleast 20% bad reviews, dead cards, dead ram, failed hard drives, even reviews of Psu frying their entire computer! and all of these are on reliable brands like Evga & corsair..

Can someone explain?
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Jul 22, 2013
Totally reliable. Just remember that most people won't go through the trouble of a review unless they are quite happy, or quite unhappy. Generally this tends to skew the results on most sites. I am more skeptical of high ratings with few reviews, doesn't pass the sniff test imo.
Newegg itself is as reliable as it gets. There's a difference between quality products and a legitimate storefront with good service. Newegg is definitely the latter and by virtue of offering such a large selection necessarily is going to have parts stocked which range in performance and failure rate and such.

As the other commenter noted, there are good and bad models put out by different brands.

Product reviews themselves are also a bit biased at times. People who get a failing part are more likely to complain about it than a person who gets what they expect is to post a good review, for one thing. In reading them I'd look for certain trends and throw out certain reviews (where the comment shows ignorance about the product or how to properly use it, etc)


Newegg got bought out, a couple years ago. Supposedly, they're now under Chinese ownership. Since then, I have not had any issues with them, but there are anecdotes that they might not be quite as reliable as before.

Also, I usually steer clear of the other sellers on newegg. I always always click the filter that only shows products officially sold by Newegg. If I were buying from another seller, I would put more faith in ebay or Amazon marketplace.


Mar 16, 2013
Pretty much every product have atleast 20% bad reviews,
And 1/2 of that 20% is a day late in shipping, or the wrong price, or it was the wrong color.

For instance...a top ranked SeaSonic Focus 650W (picked at random), 1 Egg ratings:
"Buyer BEWARE; CANNOT be used as second power supply if you need the SATA connector to work

Cons: Cannot use the SATA cord because there will be no power to it unless this unit is the main power supply

Other Thoughts: It's pretty basic to have all connections work as being a second power supply. The PCI-E and molex connectors work, but the SATA doesn't if it's the second power supply. That's very unfortunate."
Idiot does not know what he's doing, so it is the fault of SeaSonic.
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Aug 30, 2014
I know this an old thread, but I just made the mistake of purchasing from NewEgg without doing enough research on them.

This company is indeed trash. They don't support what they sell. The don't like to refund. They take 3 to 4 times longer to ship than they promise, products die within a couple of months od purchase, their chat staff are belligerent and rude and they make false statements on shipping documents. I received an ASRock motherboard. it died months after purchase. It was allegedly new. No refund, no support, no warranty. They overcharged me on shipping based on the package being > 5kg. When received the package was 2.7Kg.

A Rosewill 10G NIC was promised in 4 working days. After 17 days it still has not arrived. NewEggs chat response: "Your customs people will hold onto the item for 30 days". Customs cleared the item within 24 hours of receipt. It was NewEgg that didn't ship the item when they said they did.

Will never be buying from them again.


By law, the collection of sales tax is the responsibility of the seller, UNLESS you purchase as a business and have provided your federal or state sales tax license information to the seller. If they are required to collect, they must collect, or pay it themselves. Buyers cannot legally be held responsible for a failure to collect required taxes. They can send letters all day long, but no court would uphold that.
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