Is Nvidia or AMD faster in processing power

Right now I have one Radeon 6970 card but I wanted to do a dual video card configuration. I had read that AMD cards don't scale that great and they have problems installing drivers in Crossfire. What I wanted to know is who has faster processing power and a faster architecture AMD or Nvidia?

EDIT- I was looking at the AMD 6970 versus the GTX 570.
That's kind of what I thought. Right now Im leaning more towards the Nvidia. I like that the GTX has no problems installing drivers with SLI compared to Crossfire. The problem is I had read that Nvidia drivers can cause full system crashes. When looking at the specs the AMD has a higher core clock compared to the Nvidia so does that mean the AMDs are faster?


Mar 10, 2010

Multi GPU scaling: AMD's 58xx series had rather poor scaling. But all 6xxx have much better scaling, comparable to SLI or even better.
Drivers: Overall, NVidia has a better history of drivers but it doesn't mean that you'll have problems with AMD cards.
Performance: A lot depends on the games you play. Look for benchmarks.
If you want to use PhisixX in games (I dont consider it to be a major factor) or us CUDA for specific applications (only if you use any of such applications), get NVidia.


Apr 30, 2010

I personally have never had problems with EVGA cards. Aside from a brief experimentation with AMD cards (5770 xfired), I've always gone with EVGA. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Ok thanks. I had read a few complaints where people had said that thier quality is going down hill but I just don't see it. It seems though that Zotoc and Evga are the most popular and out of those two Evga seems to get the best reviews. I was looking at this one from New Egg (out of stock right now). I wasn't sure though if it was a reference card. I wanted to get a reference card to be able to be sure I can fit a water block on there for cooling. Hopefully I'll be able to find it in stock somewhere else I hope this isn't the end of 570's as Nvidia makes way for the new 600 series.


Jul 6, 2011
Heres another

But I like reading the reviews. I had to laugh at this

I use a 32" 720p samsung tv as my monitor @ 1360x768.
At this resolution the SC edition of this card plays everything ...
Yea I saw that but I don't know if I want one all ready overclocked I kind of wanted to do it myself I like overclocking. I would only get that if Nvdia cut production of all 570's to make room for the new 600 series. I don't know when that will happen but I imagine it will be soon.

Just not overly crazy about it. It seemed like dual GTX's in SLI scaled better then the 6970 and the GTX's were faster. Plus they had less problems when installing drivers in SLI mode compared to Crossfire which can be very finiky.
The two cards are basically exactly equal in performance on average and no, SLI doesn't really scale better than Crossfire on the HD6000 cards. Issues with dual card setups are far from limited to Crossfire. If you look for people complaining about issues with SLI you'll find tons of them as well. If you already have an HD6970 seems pretty pointless to switch to GTX 570 to add a second card IMO.
What about problems with installing AMD drivers with Crossfire. I had read here that alot of times there will be problems where you can't directly install driviers with two cards. You have put one card in, install the drivers then take it out. Then you have to put the second card in, install the drivers then take it out. Then place both cards in their slots and hope it works but its still no definite promise it will. That sure seems like a big headache.
Does "a lot of times" mean you saw it once or twice?
If you want to switch brands just for the hell of it then alright but you'll always find issues if you look for people having problems, no matter the brand. It doesn't mean they are typical or are something you will have to deal with.