Question is NVME SSD M.2 on the M.2 slot MSI A320 Pro Max Motherboard supposed to not lay flat?!?!? It is not laying flat and raised at an angle...

Sep 26, 2020
Hi guys, so I'm freaking the hell out. I spent over $400 on parts cant tell if I goofed. I tried doing the instructions as told, inserting the SSD at a 30 degree angle, screwing it down, yet it does NOT go flat. It is totally raised and standing at some a 30 degree angle and I even noticed a chip on the motherboard is obstructing the path.

Here are the photos and videos: photo with yellow circle shows the chip 'obstructing' path and making it impossible to lie flat. other photo shows ssd inserted and screwed on at weird raised position: View:

Youtube video showing the literal stupid raised position my M2 SSD is at, some weird ass angle.
That's not raised... the end part of the SSD is lower than it should be.

That's because you just screwed the SSD in without putting a standoff first. The standoff should be included in your motherboard box and it looks like this:

As you can see the standoff screws in first, then the NVME should be screwed in the actual standoff and it'll lay perfectly flat.