[SOLVED] Is old HP motherboard (MS-7613 aka Iona GL8E) able to do Etherium Mining with RX 5700 XT ?


Mar 28, 2017
Ok so, super newb here. I was mining with this rx5700xt in my gaming rig when I was at work but I think it screwed it up cause I started getting power kernell error only when gaming and isolated it to the GPU. Have a new gaming rig I built (5900X & RX6800 XT) and an old one (i56600K & RX6600 XT) with new gpu. I also have an old HP with this motherboard MS-7613. I want to try to use this motherboard with the upgraded power supply to mine with the messed up RX5700 XT as I never got power kernell failures with it while mining.

When I was mining on the i56600K with the RX5700 XT I would get about 50 MH. Is this all possible on this old outdated MOBO withe a newer GPU? Much appreciate the help. After the permanent mining rig is set up I'm gonna start focusing on wind/solar power generation on a stand alone liPO battery DIY system to just run the mining rig on continuously.

As long as the cpu used is strong enough to run the operating sytem and the motherboard can accommodate the 5700xt and at leat 4gb ram is used, you should be ok. The gpu does all the work.