Is Pentium D 930 3.00ghz or Pentium 4 650/550 3.40ghz better?


Apr 13, 2010
I'm sorting out the unused PC's in my office. No one bothered to do an inventory and I found that half the unused PC's were faster than what half the office was using. So disorganized. So I put to use most of them, but now I have a surplus of either Pentium D 930 3.00ghz and Pentium 4 650/550 3.40ghz CPUs with the same motherboards and I'm wondering which one is faster?

A few of the people will have to use this system and I want to know which CPU I should put in them? I took a look a the CPU charts from 2007, seems like the D and 4 each perform better in certain categories. D worked better in software that was optimized for dual core while the 4 did better in others. But I'd like to know if anyone here had real world experience with these?

The pentium D is a dual core part. The 4 is only faster by 0.4GHz.
CPU charts from 2007 will be outdated. More software these days is capable of multi-threading. Single core processors are almost obsolete in desktop and even laptop computing. I would never recommend a single core. Back in 2006, people would be having the debate between single core and dual core. Today, it is the debate of dual core vs quad core.
The pentium D will perform noticeably faster in a real world environment.