Is PHILIPS 19" 1440/900 30.000:1 good monitor for games



i bought this philips montor and i dont know is it good for games and movies.If no ill try to sell it and buy SAMSUMG 17" crt
Philips flat panel LCD monitors are not available in the USA so I cannot make any comments. Philips is a company with headquarters in the Netherlands. Perhaps one of our European members could post a comment about the monitors.

In August 1999, Philips entered into a joint venture with LG Electronics a manufacturer of LCD panels. The following year the joint venture resulted in the world's very first LCD television.

Philips is better known as LG in the USA. LG manufacturers LCD panels for pc monitors and televisions sold under its own brand name in the USA instead of the Philips name. I also know for certain that LG - Philips makes LCD panels for Dell, Hewlett Packard, and NEC pc monitors. They probably make the panels for other companies as well.


Oct 30, 2009
Of course , dont buy a CRT . I think, that philips must be better than any 17" crts. 30000:1 is not that bad,actuallay good for gaming but for gaming make sure that it has atleast 5ms or smaller response time. 8ms can causes blurring.