Is posting to old threads allowed or not?

Feb 11, 2021
A thread I replied to was locked and I was criticized for posting in it since it was a couple years old. I looked over the rules and there's nothing about not being allowed to reply to old threads, nor is there anything in the Tips and best practices post. (there is)
So, is it allowed or not? If not, how old is too old? If its too old, why wasn't the thread auto-locked after expiring?
I'm irritated because this was the first result on google for the problem, and the accepted answer was just discussing specs, whereas I tried to actually answer the question in the OP.
This is a bad first experience with this site, to make an account and try to be helpful and immediately get slapped down by a moderator over something trivial. Theres your forum feedback.
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Posting in a necro thread is like asking the wall for help, nobody looks at them other than mods when they see some poor soul has wandered in looking for help.

When you have an issue just start a new thread with relevant information and ask your question, if the old thread seemed close just link to it in your new thread if it will help posters help you.

And if you are providing an answer -- months or years later is totally useless, the issue is already fixed or irrelevant.

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It's a trap!
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Listen lets be real here. The thread is FOUR YEARS OLD. I think it's safe to say the OP has either solved the problem or moved on to new hardware.

Our best practice is if a thread is 90 days old or less then its fair game. As for not auto locking, at this time we don't do that, but that feature may be added later.