Is program files and program files (x86) part of the widows system files


Jan 9, 2010
Hello again, here my problem I just gotten an Samsung ssd 120gb. I deceided to clone my win7 OS to the ssd. However, I have 297gb on my 1tb wd HHD and I just want to migrate the win7 OS. Now going thru the Paragon migrate wizard, it tells me I need to uncheck those file and folder not being sent to the ssd (not enough space). my question to the forum is the program files and program files (x86) considered part of windows system files. In other word could I unchecked them and still have windows operate properly on the ssd. Also, with steam in program files (x86) is it stll possible to play my games with OS on a another drive. I have to reduce the amount of data down to at least 90gb. Thanks in advance for any advise
"Program Files" & "Program Files (x86)" is how windows differentiates between 64-bit and 32-bit apps (so it knows which system libraries to use). Those two directories must be present on the system volume as there is always something in them, even if you install your programs elsewhere.