Question Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Online worth playing?


Nov 21, 2016
I've finally finished RDR2 single player... I dragged it out because I didn't want it to end. 🆒

Initial thoughts of why I'm not feeling RDR2 Online is worth playing after about an hour. Maybe I'm not seeing the big picture. Let me know if I'm not.

  • After an hour of play it seems like there's a lot of pop-ups trying to get me to spend real money to purchase dlc
  • As a grown adult I'm not a fan of developers not letting me pick a silly name because they've classified it as profanity. Especially when playing the single player game the AI was constantly cussing.... really and then your going to censor me!?
  • I haven't seen another real person yet, too soon?
Names they said were profanity when naming my horse:

- Spastic Colon
-Spastic Coalin (got to give them credit for covering all the possible spellings)
  • RckStrCensorship
  • Deadsumbitch
  • Deadsumbeech
I love playing it with friends. What dlc are you talking about. If you just do your dailies and play the game you will make gold that you can buy things with. I have about 2500 gold now so I never buy anything with real money

You’re going to want enough gold to buy all of the roles if you want to get rich like me with almost $1 million

It’s great fun when my posse and I steal other peoples goods on their way to sale