Question Is RTX 2080 ti enough?


Oct 23, 2015
I managed to get an exclusive price for a 4k monitor, but my current setup is not powerful enough. Division 2 is running barely 25 FPS so I started to contemplate an upgrade.
Many articles speak about RTX 2080 ti as the only suitable card for 4k and I happen to have the money for it, but I am wondering if the rest on my setup would be up pair with it.
Specifically, I am worried about the CPU - Intel Core i5-6500 Skylake Quad-Core, 3.2GHz. Do you think the RTX 2080 ti alone would be enough or should I upgrade the whole system instead?
True is that I have a 4k monitor but at the same time it is only 60Mhz so the CPU should not be that important correct? Also, the built-in benchmark for Division 2 is showing my CPU-load around 80%.
Anthem, on the other hand, maxed both my CPU and GPU even when it was running in WQHD so maybe I should upgrade anyway to run other modern games than specifically Division 2?
The i5 won't be able to drive the 2080Ti in some games. In games that use the CPU a lot you'll have the 2080Ti rendering frames only as fast as the CPU can feed computations to it. This is a CPU bottleneck. My advice is to swap out your motherboard and CPU for a current gen i5 or i7. The 4 cores of the 6500 and the now pretty modest speeds are your enemy here. If you could get 6-8 cores at the same clock you'd be in better shape, but something like an 8700K or 9600K or 9700K would be plenty to feed the 2080Ti. That said, it doesn't have to be a 2080Ti to play at 4K. You will still get good 4K performance out of the 2080 or a 1080Ti. Even a 2070 or 1080 would provide reasonable 4K performance.