Question Is running manual constant voltage bad?

Sep 8, 2018
I have a core i9 7920X with an Asus X299 Strix E motherboard. Currently my CPU can run 4.4 Ghz across all 12 cores at 1.175v, I can even do 4.5 across all 12 at 1.195v but sometimes it gets a little hot and by hot I mean it gets 85 - 90c under stress tests, normal operations, even gaming I rarely see anything over 60 to 65c with either scenario. I'm using a corsair h115i platinum 280mm cooler with fans on both sides, I want to eventually do a custom loop, but that's a whole other topic.

Anyways, so if I use auto or adaptive voltage I'm seeing as high as 1.230v on a couple of cores so I decided to say screw that and leave it on 1.175v manual. I always make sure i shut my pc down or put it in sleep mode when I'm away from it, but even on idle, like right now my package temp is only 36c, sometimes i see an idle on package at 40c but normally it sticks between 34 and 38c.

Is it safe to leave the manual voltage on? 90% of the time when I'm using the computer I'm either working (i do autocad, revit, 3ds max etc.) or I'm gaming, so I'm actually using the 4.4 or 4.5 Ghz speed. From my research I've found out that I have an above average chip, judging by the fact I can do 4.6 Ghz stable at 1.215v I'm in the top 40% or so.

Please advise, is this safe or should I put it on auto which makes the voltage quite a bit higher? I tried offsets, -.020v works but anything more makes it unstable when the voltage drops down in idle. I appreciate any advice or comments, thank you.