Is RX 460 with a Intel Pentium G2030 a good pair or should I buy a new CPU.

Jan 4, 2019
I need suggestion on whether or not I should buy a new processor or just stay with this current one.

I don't play heavy games, just some Warframe and some old NFS games. 2010 to 2013.
Although I do editing quite a lot but the render times doesn't bother me that much but as of recently I tried to play Forza Horizon 4, and it run quite well. I think it was about 60fps but there was this huge input delay that renders the game unplayable so should I buy a new processor and if so, which one should I buy?

I just want a processor that fits with my motherboard. LGA 1155.


Yeah I'd recommend a new CPU, I'm amazed FH4 is playable on that CPU with how low end it is.

I'd recommend grabbing a used i5 2500K or preferably a core i7 2600k/2700k.

What motherboard model is this? If it is a newer LGA 1155 board, it can support 3rd gen CPUs like the i5 3570K and i7 3770K.