Is sli worth it


Oct 7, 2006
My question is back when I bought my video cards xfx 7600gt they where a match set for sli, but I never used them that way I had 2 computer to build so each got one. now one of them has a bad m board luckily it was the 939 socket and the am2+ is still good and has a duel core in it, so I though I would just make it a little better. money is tight and I want to try to keep up with friend and play at some of the lan party's, can I just put the 2 cards in the one in sli and get good performance or are they old enough cards that I need to just get a new one? the board does suport sli and it came with the sli bridge, it has a AMD 3800 x2 with 2gig mem and a legal copy of xp home.


Aug 27, 2006
Well 7600gt is a pretty old card and since your budget consists of $0 your sli 7600gt is going to have to do. It should perform less than a 7800gt, which in today's games is not really much, but since you're gaming at 1024x768 it should do.

+1,for 1024x768 SLI isn't worth it but since u don't have money to spend then u have no choice but to get the other 7600