Question Is slow file/folder loading normal sometimes?


Sep 17, 2019
Hi. I have a pretty good pc, don't think specs matter here, but I will list them.

ryzen 5 3600
2x8gb vengeance lpx 3200mhz xmp (supported 100%)
550w evga supernova g3
rtx 2060 super
temps fine
storage in question is a brand new 970 evo plus 1tb (benchmarked, fine)
did memtest, all done no errors

I notice sometimes when I open file explorer it takes 1 second or two to load, I know it seems like a minor thing, but I'm sensitive to stuff like this with a good pc and I wonder if it's normal to sometimes happen? I thought it should always be super fluid, sometimes an mp3 takes a while to load, a few seconds. Also when I open a .text from my desktop (ssd) it takes a short time to load, but obviously like it's not instant and my pc makes a NOISE (it's not coil while, I checked what that sounds like), it reminds me of a hdd spin noise, but the file is not on the hdd? I never could get the sound when I want to record it, but it's similar to sounds made when pc is powering on, it's like "wheeeep". Happens when I load some folders also, slow folder loading, but not a big content of the folder and it's on the ssd also. So I don't always get the sound, but sometimes it does that, once it happens it doesn't happen again, I can browse my files like usual, it's like everything else was idle except chrome and once I turned off chrome and go do some file work it has to load back into that, only way I can describe it. I'm running 240hz and I notice sometimes chrome doesn't run smooth when I scroll, it looks stuttery, especially when typing, just doesn't look smooth

My guesses:
in ryzen power plan the hdd shut down time is 20 minutes, I never checked the time interval, but maybe it shuts it down when I don't use it, the weird thing is the noise happens when I'm not opening a file from the hdd, but ssd
maybe it's the same thing for a fan?
regarding slow/not smooth performance of chrome, maybe I'm too used to input lag and I notice small changes that don't really matter and are there for everyone
windows defender real time protection
maybe psu doesn't provide enough power?

Again, this isn't a serious issue, I just think for a good pc like mine this ain't normal and I'm pretty anxious about stuff like this to be honest, I like to know what's happening on my pc