Sep 10, 2008
In the past several weeks I have been hearing a noise from inside my pc. I do not hear it always it sounds like a wierd crackling sound. At first it sounded like a fan was hitting something but i have checked and they are all fine. Is it my PSU? I have not had any problems so far but if it is from the psu does it mean its dying?

-Thermaltake Toughpower 750W
-Q6600 @ 3.4
-GTX 280
-Corsair XMS2 4GB
-evga 780i

The noise is not loud at all I have to put my ear by my pc to hear it and I can not seem to find the exact source. The noise is not always there it will go on and off at random.

EDIT: It kind of sounds like a wierd kind of "rring-rring" or like a ticking sound or buzzing sound. sorry im trying my best to describe it :(

Could it be the psu fan?


Dec 24, 2008
It could be the PSU, could also be the HDD, gpu fan, or cpu fan or even a case fan. best way to find out what it actually is is stick your head inside your pc and put your ear right up next to your stuff to see where its coming from.