Question Is StoreMi worth it for AMD over Intel on $600 system + existing 1060 GTX?

What would you buy (overall system under $1000)

  • Ryzen <2500

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  • Ryzen 2600

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Ryzen 1500, 1600, or 1600X

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  • i3-8100

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  • i3-9350kf

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  • i5-8400

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  • i5-9400 or 9400F

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Jul 19, 2007
I'm looking primarily for a gaming system so the obvious answer to the question is an i3-8100, 8400, or 9400 depending on how much I decide to spend on CPU but the AMD storeMi tech with a Ryzen 2600 or so looks really interesting but hard to get any real idea how well it works in the real world.

I've got a SFF case that has exceptional cooling for it's size that I want to use for this build (silverstone Sugo 3). Build is planned with 16G ram, a fast PCIe x4 M.2 drive (likely Samsung 970), with a 1-2TB and 4TB HDD's. With storeMi I'd setup the 2GB ram cache and merge the M.2 and 2TB drive for boot/games.

Have an existing GTX 1060 3GB that will be moving over to this PC.

What I'd really like to hear is if someone has tried the storeMi stuff (FuzeDrive on the 1st gen Ryzen chipsets) and if so how much improvement did you feel?

I ask for feeling as I suspect this is something similar to moving from HDD to first SSD, the numbers looked good but the feeling of a much more responsive system far outweighed the pure #'s (until it was commonly explained that random reads were the reason why).

Other benefit on an AMD build would be faster ram DDR4~2900 vs intel's max at -2600. An unlocked i3-9350kf looks interesting as well, but so far seems vapor launch and if close to price of a 8350 plus 95W draw before turbo boost -- maybe not the best option for a SFF build.

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