Question Is such heating of the video card safe?

Feb 28, 2023
Hello. Is this normal? The 3050 ventus 2x 8g video card is heated in passive mode up to 131°F / 55°C? Fans turn on only after 140°F / 60°C Is such a temperature safe for silicone thermal padding for a video card?
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That is quite typical for a gpu in order to keep things quiet. The temperature, even at 60c, is quite normal. It's not until closer to 80c that I'd be getting concerned. If the gpu hits 90c, it will start throttling down to decrease heat.
You can also get software that allows you to set your own fan speed curve and have more control of when the fans will kick in (earlier if you prefer).
I use Precision Tuner X for my nVidia card. MSI Afterburner is also good.