Question Is that a motherboard's problem or components now?. I have AORUS Elite X570 and I'm facing issues with the sound

Jul 28, 2021
Hello guys, currently I'm facing one of the most weird problems I ever faced. First of all, 5-6 days ago I bought a PSU (RM850x Corsair) and somehow the PSU prooved to be problematic and for replacement. The whole thing happened when the PC was shut down and the fans with the lights were remaining open and spinning. Unfortunately the next minutes it prooved to be dead I decided to replaced the motherboard. I'm even today with my current old PSU. The next problem appeared with the sound which I don't know the cause of that and that's the big problem I'm facing now and I'm trying to find out. I have the specific motherboard AORUS Elite X570 updated on the F35 latest BIOS and I have connected a Sound Blaster Z into the small PCIEs (the penultimate PCIE port). The problem is when I'm booting my PC normally after some minutes it happens the sound to be heard on my headset on the right but not on the left so well and somehow changes the sound into something very bad quality until miraculously fixing itself. I tried 2 headset it doing the same thing, switching the sound cards the same thing again, I tried to remove my peripherals devices, the same thing. I don't know what to do and the fun fact maybe is that the motherboard affected by the PSU that died. So what should I do guys?. I can't find the problem....