Question Is the 3060 Ti FTW3 Ultra gaming a worthwhile upgrade over the 3060 Ti XC?


Jul 12, 2010
So I have the 3060 Ti XC 12GB, and have the opportunity to get the 3060 Ti FTW Ultra 8GB at MSRP.

I'm mainly using a 3440x1440 display and may or may not go to a 4K monitor, likely not at this time.

I might build another PC, and since these cards are so hard to get, I'm debating saving for the 3080.

Unless the FTW Ultra is indeed a big step up from the XC gaming card, anyone with experience please chime in.



I assume that first one is a regular 3060? Otherwise the memory amounts don't add up...

Basically get another 1280 CUDA cores out of the 3060Ti vs the 3060. A lot more RT and Tensor cores as well. But you lose 4GB of VRAM (And it is slower VRAM)

Just take a look at the games you like to play and see how they match up to each other.

3080 is basically double the 3060 in cores and has much faster memory, but also costs about double.
Yes, the XC version is a Ti. The FTW3 card is a 3 fan and about 3" longer.

You are correct though, they are both 8GB cards, my mistake.
It's not worth it still. If better cooling is what you're after, typically the issue is with the case and how good the airflow through it is. Adding acard with better cooling but doing nothing else is only going to delay the inevitible.
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Aug 10, 2021
not really worth it. If your card was a 3060 12 gb, then yes, totally worth it. the 3060 TI is about 30-35% increase in performance over the regular 12 gb 3060. you could have sold the 3060 and probably gotten the 3060TI for peanuts. But an XC3 to FTW Ultra in the same class? Not really. very VERY minor upgrade in that respect and totally not worth it. The only card I'd say would be a worthwhile upgrade in in the 3000 series class would be a jump to the 3080
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